Each Twist in the road

I wish that we had gotten in a fight

Or that we had ideas that didn’t align

Cause leaving you, it doesn’t seem right

When all we have against us is time


I wish I knew we’d end that night

Cause maybe sooner I would’ve learned my lesson

That love is never black and white

It never ceases to the call of your possession


Just when I thought I had it figured out

It all has to crumble down again

Like a sandcastle torn apart by waves,

The tide is the only thing to blame


I wish I would’ve taken it in,

Every second that I spent with you

How you took a world that was so dim

You turned the lights on, and brought the world back into view


Love is so simple, and love’s so complex

So how could I see what would come next?

I'm driving at night without the headlights on,

Not knowing each twist in the road to come


Sit down, let me tell you a story

About the first time that my heart tore in two

I kissed you and I told you I loved you

You smiled and said you love me too

You smiled and said you love me too