You’re the only single living thing that knows what they want to do
You still haven’t forgiven me, and I don’t expect you to
I became something that I believed, I was stuck there and I couldn’t get out
And I still haven’t forgiven me, but I think you know that by now

But we were young and the dust hadn’t settled
But we were young and had time to be sentimental
Some things never change
Some things always do
We had our seat and we watched the house get flooded
We had a laugh and said it’s what we always wanted
The water at our feet
Is going to the hallway too

I’m the last one I’d expect to see crawling to these gates right now
Images I hid away have made their way back here somehow
You finally solved the mystery and came to terms with who I am not
On a night that we remember, and a night all our friends forgot

You built a story to which no one was a witness
And I believed you on the last leg of forgiveness
I washed up on the beach
You wound up in the stars
On the bedroom wall that pendulum keeps swinging
As that old anthem’s in my ears and still is ringing:
How much is there left?
How much left is ours?