Sufficient Reply

The neon lights flickered like the sun upon a lake
Sitting in the window of an old cafe
And the waitress stares into the street
Watching rain bounce off the sidewalk like a trampoline

And she smiles and lets out a sigh
A small but sufficient reply
Then she picks up the rags and starts washing the counters again

Some children play a game on a quiet street
Making up the rules as it's happening
And with each attack, they laugh and whine
Until their mother stunts the fun and calls them back inside

It's crazy what they can create
A world to which they can escape
And if the sun's still up, they'll go out after dinner again

There sits a lonely cross in the median
And the cars all drive on past without seeing it
Then the light turns red, and the traffic slows
Some stare out their rear view mirrors, some stare at their phones

But a few eyes wander around
And see it there, propped up in the ground
Then the light turns green, and the traffic starts moving again